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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_MassCommunication_Unit5_Project...

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Unit 5: Television – Project 1 Unit 5: Television - Project Unit 5: Television – Project Katrina Manning Kaplan University Mass Communication Michelle Murray
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Unit 5: Television – Project 2 Unit 5: Television – Project The representations of minorities on television are accurate because the day in age we live in represent them as an equal and not a minority. Television broadcasters have an ethical responsibility in the way they portray different cultural groups because following the specific culture being represented on at the time should be kept into consideration. Showing the viewer in a way they would understand is a good angle to go by but they should be conscious of not changing the view of the culture and show the actual culture. Explanation is a key factor in doing this. Television is harmful to children when they are exposed to violence, sex, and vulgar actions. There are many stations that parents should keep their children watching but still monitor what content is being portrayed on the programs. Disney Channel is a station that I have loved
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Copy (2) of KatrinaManning_MassCommunication_Unit5_Project...

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