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UNIT 9 FINAL PROJECT 1 UNIT 9 FINAL PROJECT Unit 9 Final Project Katrina Manning Mass Communications Michelle Murray
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UNIT 9 FINAL PROJECT 2 The Louisiana oilrig explosion that happened caused death, injury, anguish and turmoil among those involved and the unexpecting parties. There will be an effect that will last for months possibly years to come. On the night of April 20, 2010, an oilrig explodes unexpectedly. Workers on the rig were out there for their 2-week routine stay and while conducting routine work on the rig it exploded without any signs of problems. Eleven crewmembers were killed because of this explosion. This caused an underwater oil spill that will cause a nation wide impact to save land and wildlife in its path of destruction. If this oil spill is not plugged and left open, it will not stop leaking in our lifetime. BP PLC is a company that has taken on the responsibility and financial responsibility to aid in the help to clean up this catastrophe. (Mufson, 2010) An oil-drilling platform is a platform that is a semi-submersible rigs that are floated over drilling sites. Two weeks on the rig and two weeks on land is the typical schedule for workers. (MURRAY, 2010) “The worst oil spill in U.S history was the eleven million-gallons 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill off Alaska.” (LIPTON, 2010) On April 20,2010 an offshore oilrig Deep Horizon rig exploded with no signs of problems during their routine work on the rig. When the rig exploded 11 crewbmembers went missing and this launched the overseas search for them. The search turned out to pronounce the eleven missing crewmembers as the eleven deaths. The crewmembers deaths are not the only death to be expected from this tragic event. BP PLC has taken the responsibility to lead the clean-up efforts to avoid the potential
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