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Unit 4 1 Unit 4: Radio and the Recording Industry - Project Unit 4: Radio and the Recording Industry Katrina Manning Kaplan University
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Unit 4 2 Unit 4 Project The radio station I chose to listen to was a local station KATX 97.7 FM. This station is a Country and Western genre. There were nine songs played during the hour. There were a total of five commercial breaks during the hour. There were three commercial breaks The DJ talked a total of three times in the hour. The break down would be as follows: I started listening to the radio at 12pm. The local news was on when I started to listen. The news talked about the local the cases of swine flu going on in the area and the toll of deaths is now up 4 deaths. Another big story is about a missing persons case of a local man two years ago. His skeletal remains were found five miles outside of the city of Cisco. There was also the weather, and other news going on around the United States. On of the major stories was about the missing girl Halliegh and how she has been missing since February 9
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