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. Improved Immune Function . Prevention of Injuries and Low-Back Pain . Improved Wellness over the Life Span Disease Prevention and Management . CardiovascularDisease ' I^fr,*r* bbrft) F"l lertets- inyro*s l-l7 L's ' Trywn A'd frcw"m t,, ' lfiPerfen<"n . Reduction of certain cancers
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Unformatted text preview: ' Osteoporosis . Type II Diabetes Improved Psychological and Emotional Wellness ' Redvc*s 5 *ress ' Bo.)"u^rr.i qrntdek7 ail deyression ' Ing.dvLA salf* inyu ' Iryrun*) ) e-arn i 'y ,nl fan oly ' f ,trr- owrafl enjoy p ant IJ...
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