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Page 1 Name _________________________ Section _____ ID # ______________________ (Prof. Alagurajah’s sections F and G; Prof. King’s section D; Prof. Li’s section A; Prof. Tahani’s sections C and E; Prof. Tissenbaum’s sections B and H) AK/ADMS 3530 Final Exam Fall 2007 December 10, 2007 7 -10 pm Exam Type A Part II This part consists of 25 multiple choice questions. 2 points each for a total of 50 points. Choose the response which best answers each question. Circle your answers below, and fill in your answers on the bubble sheet . Only the bubble sheet is used to determine your exam score . BE SURE TO BLACKEN THE BUBBLES CORRESPONDING TO YOUR STUDENT NUMBER. Please note the following eight points : 1) Please use your time efficiently and start with the questions that you are most comfortable with first. Remember : every question carries the same weight, so please do NOT spend too much time on one particular question; 2) Read the exam questions carefully; 3) Choose the answers that are closest to yours, because of possible rounding; 4) Keep at least 2 decimal places in your calculations and final answers, and at least 4 decimal places for interest rates; 5) Interest rates are annual unless otherwise stated; 6) Bonds pay semi-annual coupons unless otherwise stated; 7) Bonds have a par value (or face value) of $1,000; and 8) You may use the back of the exam paper as your scrap paper.
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Page 2 16 Numerical Questions 26. A loan of $5,000 will be reimbursed with the following two payments: the first payment is due in one year while the second payment is due in five years. If the APR is 8%, semi-annual compounding, and the amount of the second payment is $4,000, then what is the amount of the first payment? A) $1,000.00 B) $2,297.74 C) $2,485.24 D) $3,401.22 27. How much should you pay for a $1,000 par value bond with a 10% coupon, semi- annual coupon payments, and two years to maturity, if the market interest rate is 12% in year 1 and 8% in year 2? A) $965.35
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ADMS3530-Final-F07-TypeA-PartII - Name _Section _ ID # _...

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