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AK/ADMS 2511 – Session 1, BestPharm BestPharm sells hardware and customized software to pharmacies and pharmacists. These information systems allows pharmacists to process patients’ prescriptions, write prescription labels, invoice their customers for prescriptions purchased and tap into a drug interaction database which warns of prescriptions that might interact with other medications that the patient is already taking. BestPharm has thousands of systems in place across Canada. BestPharm provides online access to its software to pharmacies and pharmacists, and access to the BestPharm database for a monthly fee of $500. Pharmacists connect to and log in to the
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Unformatted text preview: BestPharm system interface to obtain access. Pharmacies and pharmacists who want to have access to the interaction database need to be connected to the Internet. In this regard, some pharmacists use dial-up services, others use broadband such as DSL (digital subscriber line), while some others, who are part of large organizations, have dedicated communications lines. Required: 1. List and describe Market and Technology Business Pressures that could affect the success of BestPharm. 2. For each listed Business Pressure, describe how it would have an impact on BestPharm. 3. Then explain how BestPharm might respond to the pressure....
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