The Challenges of IT Outsourcing (page

The Challenges of IT Outsourcing (page - Also by working...

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Question 1 Question 1 Offshoring of IT services has increased as a result of the global, web-based platform. Companies are now spending more on these offshored services than in previous years - largely because the costs allow for it. The emergence of the global platform has only made it easier to ship these services abroad because the technology and telecommunications allows for much cheaper, efficient and timely exporting and importing of these IT services. Essentially, the web-based platform is making this offshoring economically viable and irresistible to large companies looking to trim costs.
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Question Question 2 2 If I want to reduce the chances of my job being offshored, I need to learn the advantage of offshoring and compete. First, I need to lower my production cost, improve my work ability, skills and efficiency.
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Unformatted text preview: Also by working for a company that delivers distinct products or services that cannot be produced in any other part of the world or by other employees, makes it less likely for my job to be offshored to another part of the world. Education and training is one of the qualities that allows me to be a better candidate as an employee compared to those that work in lesser underdeveloped nations Question 3 Question 3 India’s salaries for IT personnel are far less than Canadian salaries. The Position that pays the most in India is the Project Manager, which makes a little over 1,000,000 Rupees which is only $22,304 Canadian dollars. The equivalent position in Canada pays on average $76,075, which is over three times an Indian employee’s wage....
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The Challenges of IT Outsourcing (page - Also by working...

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