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2511 Summer 2010 Study Questions S1 to S5

2511 Summer 2010 Study Questions S1 to S5 - 2511 Study...

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2511 – Study Questions Overall Learning Objectives for this course: The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the role of information systems in today’s organizations and business environment. Specifically, upon completing this course you should be able to: 1. Assess the importance of information systems for today’s business and the relationship between the business environment, the actions of an organization, and the use of information technology 2. Analyze the relationship between information systems and competitive advantage 3. Describe the wide array of information systems existing in an organization and discuss benefits and disadvantages using examples 4. Understand the role of information systems in managing data, information and knowledge 5. Assess the role of information systems in the decision making process and describe the main types of decision support systems, including advantages and disadvantages 6. Identify the main hardware and software components of a computer and discuss the relevant managerial issues over computing technology 7. Identify basic network and wireless technologies and their role in mobile commerce 8. Explain the main types of network applications used by businesses 9. Evaluate the use of electronic commerce and electronic business systems 10. Analyze the process of developing a new information system and recommend ways to ensure its success 11. Explain and evaluate the risks, controls and ethical implications derived from the adoption of information systems Study Process Prior to using these study questions, read or listen to the study tips included in the Examination Folder of your course web site. Also, as part of your studying, do the practice midterm examination before looking at the answer guide, then compare your answers to the answer guide.
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Study Objectives A) Know the nature of the technologies or processes discussed in your lectures, cases and text and be able to discuss the advantages, disadvantages (which may also be described as benefits and risks) of these technologies and processes. Be able to provide examples in general and tied to case facts. B) Know the terminology in the chapter or technology guides, be able to define or describe term(s) and provide one or more examples of terms, in general or tied to a case description. C) The following detailed study objectives are intended to guide your studying. Session 1 and Chapter 1: Information Systems and the Modern Organization Define Information Technology Describe the relationship between data, information and knowledge Explain information technology architecture and information technology infrastructure Identify the components of information technology infrastructure and their relationship to organizational information systems Consider how people, technology and decisions are interrelated Describe how people in business organizations use technology and the impact this has
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2511 Summer 2010 Study Questions S1 to S5 - 2511 Study...

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