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Studying Tips For the Midterm Examination Overhead 1 – “Study Tips” Objectives The midterm examination for this course will be two and a half hours long. It will consist of multiple choice questions and small cases, each with multiple parts in the required. The purpose of this module is to provide you with some general suggestions for studying for this midterm examination that also could apply to other examinations. We will look at a general process, then focus in on multiple choice questions and the small cases. Overhead 2 – Studying for an Examination Before you begin studying, you should make sure that you have covered all of the course materials that will be examinable. As you went through each chapter and the online modules, you could have been preparing study notes to assist you in the last week or so before the test. Note that examinable material includes the overheads, the scripts for the overheads (in Word or via Multimedia), the readings (chapters and Technology Guides), and the cases with suggested answers. Review your notes. Make sure that you have main points organized. If you have any questions, or if any material is unclear, post your query in the Discussion area in a location that corresponds to the correct unit. Post your query in enough time so that I can respond to it, and so that you can incorporate the response into your studying. Check your yorku email address to see if there have been any broadcast messages about the midterm examination or about the course. These messages will also be posted in the Announcements section of the web site. Check the Discussion area of the web site to find out what questions and responses have been posted on the web site. Perhaps some of your queries have already been answered. Set a schedule. Make sure that you have a quiet space in the time that you have set aside for studying. Once you feel satisfied that you have adequately reviewed your materials, do the practice midterm examination. If possible do the midterm at one sitting so that you will get a realistic assessment of how you can handle the exam. Then review your answers and see if there is anything else that you need to study. How much time should you spend? It’s hard to tell – the number of hours that are needed depends on how quickly you absorb material, and upon your previous work experience or information systems experience. It also depends upon how much note taking and preparation you have done on a weekly basis. Work out a study schedule that best suits your employment, family and social commitments. By being organized, you will take control of your course workload and achieve maximum results. 1
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