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Folio Assignment Instructions - AK/ADMS 2511 Management...

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AK/ADMS 2511 – Management Information Systems – Folio Assignment Due Date: Week 10, Monday , November 22 nd , 2010 7pm. AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS Individual assignment worth 5% [graded out of ten marks]. Late penalty: 20% per day. What you Hand In: A. Summary that is a total of 2 pages for three articles (do about 2/3 page per article) plus cover and bibliography/references, as described below B. Copies of the articles that you summarized. Assignments without articles attached will receive a ZERO grade. All articles must have the following characteristics: o Be original articles that were published in the last four months before the due date noted at the top of the page. A suggestion for the journal article is that you select a journal, look it up at the York University web site, and go through the articles from the most recent issue of the journal. o Have a specific author, i.e. be authored by a person rather than an organization. o Be based on fact or talk about a real event or business, i.e. not be an editorial, advertisement, product review, press release or opinion piece. Newspaper articles must be feature articles (at least a half newspaper page or more than one letter size typed page in length). o Each of the three articles must relate to a different session of the course, i.e. you cannot include three articles about hardware developments, for example. Organize your assignment as follows: Assignment cover sheet (as the first page , include your full name, student number, date due, course code and section reference). Use the sheet at the end of this assignment. Maximum two page summary that covers all three articles as described below (double spaced, about half page per article). Paper must be written in Times Roman 12 point font, double spaced, using one inch margins around the text. Excess pages will NOT be marked. Required for each of the three articles summarized: a) the most important point raised by the article [1 mark per article] b) specific linkage to course materials (textbook chapter and page number OR session number and overhead number) [1 mark per article] c) explain why this article would be important to read for our course [1 mark per article] ... continued 1
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Folio Assignment Instructions - AK/ADMS 2511 Management...

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