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Unformatted text preview: Study Tips for 2511 Final Exam: Learning Objectives Identify the materials Identify that are covered by our examination. examination. Suggest approaches Suggest for studying. for List potential pitfalls List during exam writing and how to avoid them. them. 1 Materials covered by the examination The entire textbook, which The includes: includes: Four technology guides Practice problems and Practice cases cases Internet Units or classroom Internet lectures with Overheads and additional practice questions questions 2 Studying Approaches Review the materials provided Review with “how to study for the midterm examination,” particularly with respect to cases respect Review your midterms for patterns Review of successes and “misses” of Allow yourself time to go through Allow the materials the Look for methods that will help Look you remember “clusters” or patterns patterns 3 Potential exam writing pitfalls Allocating too much time (bring a Allocating watch) watch) Not understanding a question Not (ask for clarification) (ask Not using the case facts (check Not whether you are answering a theory or case-based question) theory Being too general (use adjectives Being and be as specific as you can; use sentences) sentences) 4 Practice Examination This Unit has a practice This examination made up of real examination questions that were used in prior terms were Write the exam under ‘real’ Write conditions (set three hours aside and do not look at resources) resources) Then, check your answers Then, against the marking guide against 5 Good luck! If you have any If subject matter questions, post them on the Discussion area or contact your Instructor Instructor I’ve enjoyed working I’ve with you – best of luck in your future studies! in 6 ...
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