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YORK UNIVERSITY AK/ADMS 2511 3.0, Fall Term 2010 Management Information Systems Professor: Mario Vasilkovs Section: F Assignment: Folio Assignment Due Date: 25 November 2010 Name (typed) York Student # Signature
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AK/ADMS 2511 Fall 2010: Management Information Systems – Folio Assignment Summary 1. Dialing with dollars by Alexandra A. Seno. Source: Magazine: Report on Business Magazine . a) The most important point raised by the article is the cashless society, such like mobile electronic commerce and smart cards, spread in Asian countries so far ahead of Canada. The Octopus fare card for transportation in Hong Kong since 1998. Customers have been using FeliCa, a electronic smart card embedded in cell phone, for purchasing in Japan. In China, Trecent QQ or QQ, a official electronic payment, was spread in 1999. Banks, retailers and other players in Canada should take action to launch similar services from China, Japan and Hong Kong. b) Extensive coverage is provided in our textbook regarding the “common mode of payment in offline transaction, like electronic payment” (Chapter 6.4, P.188) and “mobile commerce, such like mobile banking, micropayments, mobile wallet” (Chapter 7.3, P.219).
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Folio_Assignment_KK - YORK UNIVERSITY Faculty of Liberal...

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