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AK/ADMS 2511 - Session 4, # 2, Railroad A Country Railroad Company (CRC) had 12,000 miles of track, 2,000 locomotives, 52,000 freight cars and 9,000 truck trailers. The railroad was being fined heavily because many trains were reaching their destinations without the federally mandated waybill paperwork identifying the shipments. Needing to develop a computerized information system quickly, and having no alternatives available from other railroads, it decided to build the system using a fourth generation language system (“4GL”). CRC decided to teach 4GL to railroad operations personnel (a freight scheduler and two clerical supervisors) rather than teach the details of railroad operations to programmers. The initial waybill programs were completed in several months. Three
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Unformatted text preview: linked systems completed within 18 months included the waybill system, a rail yard inventory system, and a trailer-on-flat-car system. These systems handled railroad operations involving 1.7 million transactions per day, and transmitted data to the corporate database for use in corporate reporting, accounting, and marketing. Required: A) State the management issues that FSRC should have considered when implementing and managing this new database management system. Tie your answer to the facts of the case. B) How could CRC use data visualization technologies as part of their new systems? State the benefits of each usage that you identify....
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