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S4_Distributor_Answer_Guide - Location(in box shape[Note...

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AK/ADMS 2511 – S4A Distributor Co., Answer Guide A) Information for each product should include: product code (or reference number), product name, unit (for example, each, or size), colour or other descriptive information, price, length of warranty, warranty costs, list of substitute products offered by DC (with a maximum, perhaps ten or twenty) B) Each description can have Each substitute could be a substitute multiple substitutes for multiple descriptions Description------------------ Can have ---------------- Substitutes (max 25) (in a box shape) (in diamond shape) (in box shape) | M:M | | Each description has only one cost Can have (in diamond shape) 1:1 | | Each cost is associated with only one description Cost (in box shape) | | Each cost can have multiple suppliers for each description Can have (in diamond shape) 1:M | | Each supplier has only one cost for each description Suppliers (in box shape) | | Each product from a supplier is stored in only one location Can have (in diamond shape) 1:1 | | Each location has product stored from only one supplier
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Unformatted text preview: Location (in box shape) [Note that different configurations are possible for the E-R diagram.] C) Why is the underlying data structure of its information important to businesses such as DC?- the nature of the underlying data structure affects the ability to use certain types of software, e.g. specially designed sequential data can be accessed only by the application software that is programmed to access it e.g. information in databases may be accessible only by the database management system that was used to store the data- management needs to be aware of data access capabilities when choosing software- management needs to be informed of the costs of accessing data in particular types of software- if an inappropriate data storage and access method is chosen, companies can increase their costs- if an inappropriate data storage and access method is chosen, efficiency and customer service can suffer 1...
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