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4.3– Knowledge Management Portal at Wipro: Answer Guide 1. If Wipro is so successful with its knowledge management portal, why don’t other companies implement the same type of portal? Hint: Consider corporate culture and the type of industry in which Wipro competes. As an information technology company specializing in research and development solutions to corporations around the world, Wipro needs the speed and flexibility to gather, integrate and share the knowledge gained by its 30,000 employees. Its size, corporate culture and market dominance permit it to make the significant investment in technology and staff education/training that other companies could not afford or adjust to. Other companies might not implement such a portal because they: - are not prepared to commit the time and money resources to do so - may want to have different operating procedures at different locations, or may operate in different languages, making it difficult to implement the portal - may have a lack of internal expertise
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