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AK/ADMS 2511 - Session 5 Polaroid Polaroid has an extensive dealer network that sells directly to consumers. Polaroid decided that whatever the company could save in disintermediation (eliminating trading partners, i.e. its dealers) it would have to spend on new inventory, shipping, billing and product service systems. Instead of excluding dealers, Polaroid decided to embrace them. The company launched a site for consumers that delivers information and demonstrations on products such as film, cameras, and digital imaging equipment. Consumers cannot buy products at the Polaroid web site. Rather, they can use the site’s dealer location software – it provides maps and
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Unformatted text preview: directions to local dealers where the products can be purchased. Required: a) Explain how the new web site benefits Polaroid, its dealers and consumers. b) Give examples of how Polaroid, its dealers and consumers could use electronic payment methods. c) Polaroid is thinking of adding clickstream tracking capabilities to its site. It would ‘follow’ all users that log onto its web site onto the next six sites to determine where else customers go afterwards on the internet. What are some ethical issues associated with this process?...
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