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S5_Polaroid_Answer - AK/ADMS 2511 Session 5 Polaroid Answer...

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AK/ADMS 2511, Session 5, Polaroid, Answer Guide a) Explain how the new web site benefits Polaroid, its dealers and consumers. Polaroid : - Polaroid gets to stick to its main business, i.e. manufacturing cameras etc. rather than spending time on the distribution aspect and selling to thousands of individual consumers - Polaroid saves money that it would have to spend on new inventory, shipping, billing and product service systems (this is direct from the case, and only one mark should be given for these points taken from the case) - Polaroid can provide consumers information about its products so that they would be motivated to purchase at a dealer near them Dealers: - dealers do not loose any business to Polaroid (which would have occurred if Polaroid had decided to sell directly to consumers) - dealers get more business as those that search the web are referred to dealer locations - dealers do not have to create their own information web site since they are referred to on the Polaroid web site
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