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S5_predicable_answer_guide - Session 5 Case Just how...

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Session 5 – Case – Just how predictable are you? Answer Guide 1. What are the implications of recommenders? - They shift the focus from context-based advertising to personality-based advertising. - To enable development of a recommendation, the recommender must have sufficienti nformation about the preferences of the buyer, or the recommender uses information obtained from other purchasers, creating choices such as “other buyers who purchased this song also purchased ...” - It could feel very intrusive to customers, particularly if the recommender is very accurate with the predictions. - Individuals who rely heavily on recommenders might be artificially trapped in these patterns, relying upon them and forgetting to use their own initiative in looking at new music. What is the relationship between your privacy and recommendation engines? - When using the information from multiple purchasers, the recommender is creating a pattern. Such patterns may differ by region of country, by ethnic background, or by education. By creating the pattern and using the pattern, the recommender is using
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