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S7_Reliable_Answer - the package code for later...

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Session 7, Reliable Courier, Answer Guide A) Using the terminology from the Technology Guides, describe the hardware and software that would be used: 1) by a Reliable Courier driver 2) by a Reliable Courier customer producing package documentation on premises. Source: Table TG1.2 1) by a Reliable Courier driver The case indicates that the driver uses ‘hand-held devices’ to scan packages they pick up or deliver. It is likely that the driver is using one of the following devices: a handheld companion, a vertical application device, or a pen tablet. This hardware, would enable the driver to have an attached laser scan or light pen to read the barcode of the package. The input device to do the reading would likely be called a barcode scanner. Software required would be: - operating system software for the handheld device - scanning software to enable the barcode scanner to interpret the barcodes read - application software to match the barcode read with stored package codes, or to store
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Unformatted text preview: the package code for later transmission to a central computer- transmission software (data communications software) to send the information to a central or head office computer [Note that this makes the assumption that the driver can transfer the information directly to a head office computer. An alternative assumption would have the driver take the handheld scanner back to the shipping depot and transfer the information to a computer there.] 2) by a Reliable Courier customer producing package documentation on premises. The customer would require a full system to process the information (hardware: central processor, hard drive, computer screen, keyboard, mouse and cables; software: operating system). They would also require specific application software from the courier company to produce labels and shipping documents. A printer (hardware) would be required to print the labels. 1...
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