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AK/ADMS 2511 - Franchisor, Answer Guide A. Advantages of wireless network. - chief advantage is mobility: data can be accessed from any location. - you do not need to have access to a phone line or cable connection to use the wireless system - decisions can be made with up-to-the moment current data - no need to carry around equipment such as a laptop, a small PDA will do B. Disadvantages/limitations of wireless network - communication signals travel in a straight line, so users must be within range of a microwave or satellite station - data cannot be transmitted seamlessly between different wireless networks if they use
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Unformatted text preview: incompatible standards (conversion software or process is required) - transmission speed of wireless systems is slower than conventional wire-based systems (although some high speed wireless networks are starting to be implemented) - keyboards and screens on PDA's (or cell phones) are tiny and awkward to use (this is changing as laptops are being sold with wireless capability) - many Internet-enabled phones have minimal memory, so web-based data needs to be available in text form - high cost (e.g. cell phone connections can cost up to $1.00 per minute)...
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