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AK/ADMS 2511 - Franchisor When inserted into a PDA or laptop, the AirCard allows wireless users to access corporate data, e-mail, intranets and each other on an integrated voice and data network. Thus, the AirCard is a wide area wireless network interface card. The AirCard has been implemented by a restaurant franchise organization, so that head office personnel can visit the local restaurants, yet still have access to head office data on sales and inventory. Required: A. What are the advantages of a wireless network for the franchise organization? B. What are the disadvantages or limitations of a wireless network for the franchise organization? ________________________________________________________________________ AK/ADMS 2511 - Session 9, #2, BlackBerry The headline blared “BlackBerry black out dismays Bay Streeters,” in the July 13, 2006
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Unformatted text preview: Toronto Star by Tara Perkins. It seems that a construction crew knocked down a hydro pole near Finch Avenue and Don Mills Road in Toronto, cutting fibre optic cables. The outage took place in the morning, and traffic rerouting took place during the day, with the result that “about 90 percent of … Rogers … customers had service again.” No email was lost, as it had been placed in holding files and was routed to customers, taking several hours to deliver all of the backlogged messages. Required: A) Why would a land line disruption (cutting of fibre optic cables) cause disruption of BlackBerry service? Describe how emails for the BlackBerry are likely sent from one location to another....
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