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AK/ADMS 2511 - BlackBerry, Answer Guide A) Why would a land line disruption (cutting of fibre optic cables) cause disruption of BlackBerry service? Describe how emails for the BlackBerry are likely sent from one location to another. You can find out about the BlackBerry at: http://www.blackberry.com . Cutting the Rogers fibre optic cables disrupted communications because land lines are used to transfer information from one radio receiving/sending station to another. Examining the BlackBerry web site, it provides information about the product, where you can purchase the product, and information about service providers. All of the service providers are cellular telephone providers. This means that the BlackBerry wireless systems use the same method of communications as the cellular network shown
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Unformatted text preview: on Figure 7.4 on page 214 of our text. The sequence is as follows (example shown is for sending a message, use the reverse sequence for receiving a message): - the user enters the message into the BlackBerry and pushes ‘send’ - the message is sent from the cell phone using radio waves to the nearest radio receiver in the cellular network (in this case Rogers) - the message would be switched via radio waves to the nearest radio receiver or converted for sending via the Rogers cable network (instead of the telephone network) - the message would be converted to radio waves at the radio antenna closest to the receiver of the message - radio waves are used to send the message to the receiver of the message...
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