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7.2 – Talking to Miners and Tracking Ore 1. What risks does the use of wireless telephones mitigate for the miners and the mining company? - Wi-Fi telephony permits the RFID positioning of miners and mining equipment. - This network helps maintain the safety of the miners on an ongoing basis, and will help to rescue miners in the event of a disaster or other problem in the mine. - By tagging equipment, the company can keep track of the location of its equipment, which can be used for fixed asset and inventory control (i.e. prevent the loss of equipment). It can also be used for production scheduling, in the event that a piece of equipment is running late for delivery, it can be monitored. (i.e. detect production delays) - Also, by using RFID tags on Scooptrams, which collect ore underground, miners scan the tags and then enter information on hand-held devices. This helps to track the movement of ore allowing Inco to more accurately and economically track
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Unformatted text preview: product movement, as described above. How does the use of wireless telephone systems save money?- It saved the company money by replacing the portable walkie-talkies and landline telephones in the mine and by using a VoIP wireless telephone system over the wireless LAN. (the company can have a more extensive communication system at lower cost than the land-based system).- as the tunnels in use at the mine change, wireless stations can be moved more readily than wire-based systems and provide a communication system that can be maintained at a lower cost 2. Which wireless applications are the most important in this case? Support your answer. The Wi-Fi network and the RFID tags are likely the most important, as they permit Inco to accurately and economically track the movement of miners and ore, helping to protect the safety of the miners and the corporate assets....
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