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Session 8, Webster Forest Nursery Goes Wireless 1. Now that the nursery is using wireless hand-held computers to enter accurate seedling data, what would you recommend as the next technological step? Hint: Refer to the section on wireless sensor networks in this chapter . - Using RFID, RuBee or some other type of remote sensing device would speed up the process of inventory management. - sensor networks could be used to monitor what is happening in the planted area (e.g. temperature, amount of water) - the nursery is ‘incorporating’ sales data into the RIMS system, which seems to imply that it is not integrated – it would be effective to integrate the sales and
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Unformatted text preview: inventory systems so that they new what was on hand- the extent of monitoring information could be increased, e.g. how well are the seedlings growing, and this information could be used to teach others or inform others how to take care of this type of seedling or tree 2. What are other advantages that wireless hand-held technology can provide for the nursery? Wireless hand-held technology can provide many advantages, including: • real-time data and better accuracy, leading to improved information for management D-M • reduced costs and better operational efficiency • improved planting decisions...
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