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Session 9, Information Systems Enhance the Shopping Experience, Answer Guide 1. What are some other home renovation retailers in your area? Compare their websites to Home Depot’s. Which site provides the clearest opportunity for new suppliers to provide products to the company? Justify your answer. Other home renovation retailers include Rona and Home Hardware. In reviewing their websites, you could determine which ones offer the greatest opportunity for expanding their product lines by looking at the nature of the supplier portal and the type of information that these companies provide to potential suppliers. 2. Do a search on lawn tractors at Home Depot and other hardware retailers in your
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Unformatted text preview: neighbourhood. What type of customer information was provided? Which website provides the best information that would lead you to go to the store and purchase the product? Explain the differences in the information provided, to support your answer. You should compare and contrast the customer and product information provided by each site in influencing your decision to purchase the lawn tractor. You might look at things like the quality of the images provided, details about usage, maintenance and experiences of other customers. Did it provide details about prices or how to put the lawn mower together?...
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