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Session 9, Portfolio Banking at Bluevale Bank, Answer Guide A) Using the categories of employees listed on Figure 2.1, state what job category each of the four users (or user groups) identified in this case belong to. For each user, explain how the user is using one or more of the following functions in the performance of his or her job: ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, CRM (customer relationship) system, intranet, internet, CRM. User name and job category (Fig. 2.1) Specific function being performed by the user with the system [other examples are possible] Xiang, receptionist (clerical staff) - records meeting times using intranet, perhaps in a scheduling system - enters information into documents and prints documents using intranet, perhaps with an office automation system Kate and other money managers (knowledge worker) - enters transactions into the trading system, which might update customer statistics useful for CRM - uses emails (perhaps with the internet) and reports from the
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