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AK/ADMS 2511 - Restaurant Part 1: Tony’s Place is large restaurant downtown that specializes in Italian and European cuisine. In addition to having traditional dishes, the restaurant has a take-out booth for gourmet pizza and gelato (Italian ice cream). The chef has an excellent reputation, and the kitchen also prepares meals for catering events of varying sizes, from small parties to large weddings for hundreds of people. Tony, the owner of the restaurant, has been thinking of setting up a web site for the restaurant, in particular to increase the catering business and to encourage patrons to come to the restaurant on slower days of the week, such as Mondays or Tuesdays. Required: What are the advantages and disadvantages to the restaurant of setting up a web site? Part 2: Tony happens to be a good friend of your family, and he often comes over on his day off. He knows that you have a computer at home and love to surf the internet. As you love to tinker around with computers, he thinks you would be a great asset to him in setting up a web site.
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Unformatted text preview: When can you start? He’d like to have the web site up and running in the next thirty days or so! Required: A) What does the owner need to do to help ensure that the web site meets the needs of his business and to ensure that it is implemented appropriately? Part 3: Tony decided to hire a consultant to help him organize the objectives and contents of the web site that he will put in place for his restaurant, Tony’s Place . The programming has commenced and Tony is pleased with the colours and the look and feel of the new web site that is taking place. He’s ready to jump into action, and expects that next month it will be ready to go up. Required: What software or hardware should the restaurant acquire with respect to the implementation of the web site? State the purpose of each item. (Note: Assume that Tony’s Place already has desktop computers, but does not yet have an internet connection.)...
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