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Session 10, Question 9.1 –Don’t Pad Your Expense Account!, Answer Guide 1. Why is business travel so necessary? What impact do you think telepresence systems will have on business travel? Support your answer. Can telepresence systems replace business travel? Why or why not? (See the discussion on telepresence systems in Chapter 5.) - Face-to-face meetings are important when establishing relationships so business travel will continue to be necessary. - Telepresence has and will continue to take the place of some of the travel since it is very cost effective and the technology has improved considerably. - Telepresence systems could replace business travel if they became easier to use, larger, and more personal – for example, a full size face looking at you on the screen, with immediate voice response (rather than technology intervention and delay) would be more suitable then the present systems - personal contact is full of nuance – body language, voice tone, gestures, that cannot easily be replicated with present technology, so individuals that rely upon
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