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Session 10, The Race for Space Maintenance, Answer Guide 1. Search for satellite communication operators and find out what services they offer. What skills would be required to work for a satellite communications company? - You could search for companies involved in satellite communications, e.g. Infosat, Intelsat, Globecomm, Thuraya, etc. - You could explore the demand for skills in electronics, electrical and software engineering, chemistry, physics, information systems, project management, etc. 2. Look for statistics on satellites that are currently being used around the world. How many satellites are due for replacement? Think about and list the different types of maintenance that might be required on a satellite
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Unformatted text preview: .- research on the satellite companies (above) should lead to information on some of the satellites currently deployed and the types of maintenance required on them. (e.g. as explained in the case, parts replacement or additional fuel) (There have been many cases of dangerous, uncontrolled satellite re-entry to earth. Of particular, current interest was a disabled U.S. spy satellite due for a risky re-entry around Febrary–March, 2008.) 3. What are the new job opportunities available if space maintenance of satellites becomes a larger industry?- you could explore the possible job opportunities in science, communications, engineering, electronics, software and aviation, among others....
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