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AK/ADMS 2511 - Gable The headquarters of Gable Corp., a private company with $3.5 million in annual sales, is located just on the outskirts of Montreal. Gable provides for its 150 clients an on-line legal software service that includes data storage and administrative activities for law firms. Gable recently moved its headquarters facility into a remodelled warehouse on the outskirts of the city. The data centre, containing a LAN, high-capacity server and data communications equipment, is located in a large open area with high ceilings and skylights. Gable uses tape backup procedures. All data is backed up every Sunday evening
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Unformatted text preview: and stored on a shelf near the server. On Saturday, the Montreal ice storm reached it crescendo. Several inches of ice on the roof caused a collapse. The roof caved in on the computer equipment, causing electrical shorting that led to a fire. All equipment and backup tapes were rendered unusable. a) Describe the risks present at Gable that made it possible for this disastrous loss to occur. b) Identify components that should have been included in a contingency plan. c) What other actions, other than those in the plan itself, should have been taken by management?...
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