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AK/ADMS 2511 - Woo Diana Woo works owns a modelling agency that specializes in finding models for retail organizations and catalogue organizations to model all types of clothing – children’s, teens, adult, maternity, petite and oversize. The assignment might call for a dark, tall male minimum 5 foot ten inches, or a blonde pregnant woman at least six months pregnant, or the colouring might not be requested, simply indicating ability to model certain types of clothing. Clothing to be modelled could be business, casual, bathing suits or lingerie/underwear. Models can specify if there are certain types of assignments that they do not want to accept (e.g. underwear). Diana has been thinking about establishing a computer system with a database that will
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Unformatted text preview: provide her with the information she needs to identify likely candidates for an assignment. Having a mile-high stack of resumes does not help. She wants to be able to use the computer to select a group of likely candidates so that she does not have to waste her time talking to people who are not suited to the job. The data in the database should identify past experience, training, height, weight, suitable jobs, and desired jobs, as well as any special skills that the candidate model has. Required: A) Diana’s database will include photographs of past assignments as well as personal information – model social insurance numbers, height, weight and home address. What should Diana do to protect this database from unauthorized access?...
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