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Page 1 YORK UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF LIBERAL ARTS AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES School of Administrative Studies AP/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems COMMON MIDTERM TEST – Wednesday, October 28, 2009, Questions 1 and 2 Total time for entire exam: 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Time for Questions 1 and 2: 90 minutes Questions 3 and 4 will be available at: 8:20 p.m. THIS EXAMINATION WILL BE HANDED OUT IN TWO PARTS For Instructor Use Only: Grade Achieved: Question Marks Time Allocation __________Q1 plus Q4 (MC) 1 20 40 __________Q2 2 25 50 __________Q3 3 15 30 4 15 30 ========== =========== Totals 75 150 minutes (2.5 hours) Raw Score Percentage Question 1 Multiple Choice (20 marks - 40 minutes) Q1) B. Ch 1, p. 13 (easy) Q2) B, tg4, p. 412 (med) Q3) C, ch 4, p. 109 (med) Q4) D. Ch 3, p. 65 (hard) Q5) A. Ch 1, p. 15 (hard) Q6) B. Ch 2, p. 37 (easy) Q7) A, TG3, p. 375 (easy) Q8) C, TG3, p. 393 (hard) Q9) C, TG3, p. 394 (med) Q10) C. Ch 4, p. 110 (med) Q11) A, Ch 5, (Tony’s Restaurant Answer Guide) (easy) Q12) A, Ch 5, p. 150 (med) Q13) D, tg4, p. 407 (med) Q14) D, tg4, p. 409 (med) Q15) A. Ch 1, p. 11 (med) Q16) A, Ch 2, p. 39 (hard) Q17) B, Ch 3, p. 71 (easy) Q18) D, Ch 3, p. 102 (Click Fraud case) (med) Q19) D, ch 4, p. 111 (hard) Question 4 Multiple Choice (15 marks - 30 minutes) Q20) D. TG3, p. 386 (easy) Q21) D Ch 4, p. 127 (hard) Q22) D. Ch 1, p. 14 (med) Q23) B, ch 4, p. 128 (hard) Q24) D, Ch 5, p. 151 (hard) Q25) C, tg4, p. 409 (hard) Q26) B, Ch 5, p. 142 (hard) Q27) C. TG3, p. 385 (Med) Q28) A. Ch 2, p. 37 (Med) Q29) C, Ch 2, p. 41-42 (med)
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Page 2 Q30) A, Ch 3, p. 70 (medium) Q31) B, Ch 3, p. 87 (easy) Q32) B, Ch 2, p. 42 (hard) Q33) D. Ch 1, p. 17 [QNX case] (Med) Q34) C, Ch 5, p. 148 (hard) Q35) A, TG4, p. 415 (easy) Question 2 (25 marks – 50 minutes) Required: A) Using the following table, describe the four listed business pressures and explain how each pressure would affect Camelot Industries Ltd. (8 marks) Suggested answer: For descriptions, Chapter 1, see text, p. 14-17 maximum one mark for a valid example with each appropriate description (explanations are examples only, other valid responses may apply) Pressure Description (1 mark each) How it affects Camelot Industries Ltd. (1 mark each) Global economy and strong competition Highly competitive global marketplace, facilitated by the web-based platform, regional trade agreements and rise of powerful economies such as India and China. Foreign competitors with lower production and labour costs may be able to undercut CIL`s prices, provide competing goods from virtual retail sites. To compete, CIL will need to provide easily available, quality products at competitive prices. Powerful customers Increasing knowledge about product availability and quality has increased customers`sophistication and expectations. CIL will need to cater to these greater
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