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2511F09MTOct23.Answerkey.2 - AP/ADMS 2511 Midterm...

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AP/ADMS 2511 Midterm Examination October 23, 2009 Page 1of 6 Answer guide Question 1 Multiple Choice (20 marks - 40 minutes) Q1) B. Ch 1, p. 6 (Easy) Q2) A, tg4, p. 405 (med) Q3) A. ch 4, p. 108-109 (med) Q4) C, Ch 3, p. 68 (hard) Q5) D. Ch 1, p. 8 (Hard) Q6) A. Ch 2, p. 34 (easy) Q7) C, TG3, p. 376 (easy) Q8) B. TG3, p. 377 (hard) Q9) A, TG3, p. 382 or ch 3, p. 88(med) Q10) B. ch 4, p. 110 (med) Q11) C, Ch 5, p. 145 (easy) Q12) D, Ch 5, p. 153 (Cheerios case 5.2) (med) Q13) B, tg4, p. 408-409 ( Hard) Q14) A, tg4, p. 410 (med) Q15) C. Ch 1, p. 7 (Med) Q16) C. Ch 2, p. 37 (hard) Q17) C, Ch 3, p. 83 (Case 3.3 Don’t Pay that Ransom) (easy) Q18) A, Ch 3, p. 84-85 (Med) Q19) C, ch 4, p. 110 (hard) Q20) B, TG3, P. 380 (easy) Question 4 Multiple Choice (15 marks - 30 minutes) Q21) A, ch 4, p. 111 (hard) Q22) A. Ch 1, p. 10-11 (med) Q23) A, Ch 4, p 134 (hard) Q24) C, ch 5, p. 158 (med) Q25) C, tg4, p. 413 (hard) Q26) D, Ch 5, p. 147 (hard) Q27) D, TG3, p. 377 (med) Q28) C. Ch 2, p. 36 (med) Q29) D. Ch 2, p. 37 (med) Q30) B, Ch 3, p. 65 (med) Q31) D, Ch 2, p. 39 (easy) Q32) B, Ch 3, p. 65 (hard) Q33) C. Ch 1, p. 15 (easy) Q34) B, Ch 5, p. 149 (med) Q35) C, tg4, p. 407 (hard)
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AP/ADMS 2511 Midterm Examination October 23, 2009 Page 2of 6 Answer guide Question 2 (marks – minutes) Required: A) Describe or define a strategic information system. (1 mark) Solution guide: Chapter 2, text p. 39 -Any information system which helps an organization gain a competitive advantage or reduces a competitive disadvantage is a strategic information system. -A SIC provides a competitive advantage by helping an organization implement its strategic goals and increase its productivity. B) Is Petro-Canada’s new financial information software a strategic information system? Why or why not? (1 mark) Solution guide: Case answer from: IT’s About Business 2.2, Petro-Canada Standardizes and Competes: - Yes. It may achieve this by cost leadership, differentiation, innovation or operational efficiency. - In Petro-Canada’s case, their new system certainly improves operational efficiency. C) Internet sites are subject to attack by hackers. Describe five software or password attacks that could be targeted against Petro-Canada’s web sites. (5 marks) Solution guide: Chapter 3, Text p. 80, Table 3.4 and discussion items from page 79-81 under heading “software Attacks” (Note: a type with a valid associated description is required for one mark) Type of Software Attack Description Virus Code (program) that performs malicious actions by attaching to another computer program. Worm Code (program) that performs malicious actions and will replicate by itself without requiring another program Trojan Horse Programs that hide inside other programs and reveal their designed behavior only when they are activated Back Door (aka Trap door) Typically by password know (only) to the attacker, that allows them to obtain access to a system at will while bypassing normal security procedures Logic Bomb Code (program) that resides in existing programs and is designed to perform destructive actions at a certain time/date (or under specific conditions) Type of Password Attack Description Dictionary Attacks the use combinations of letters and numbers that a most likely to succeed, such as words from a dictionary Brute Force
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2511F09MTOct23.Answerkey.2 - AP/ADMS 2511 Midterm...

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