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AK/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems – Practice Midterm Examination # 1 – Covering Sessions (and Units) 1 to 3 This practice exam is structured to take two and a half hours. Since it is worth 60 marks, you would allocate two and a half minutes for each mark. Question 1 - Multiple Choice Questions (30 marks – 75 minutes) For best results, answer these questions before checking the solutions. For the actual midterm examination, we will be using scantron sheets, so be sure to bring a pencil. (Q1) Which of the following is an example of data? A. An invoice B. A student’s name C. A sales analysis report D. A forecast (Q2) Your company has recently decided to replace computer equipment and change the way its personnel in the field use their hardware. You have been asked to change the high-level document that shows the information assets in the corporation. You are updating the: A. strategic plan for the business. B. information technology infrastructure. C. information technology architecture document. D. information systems operational systems. information technology architecture document. (Q3) A financial analyst is an example of: A. a knowledge worker. B. a data worker. C. a production worker. D. an operational worker. (Q4) Computer Aided Design (CAD) is best described as an example of a(n): A. knowledge-level system. B. management-level system. C. strategic-level system. D. accounting system. (Q5) Strategic-level systems would help senior management address questions such as: A. Are things working well? B. What happened to Mr. Johnson’s payment? C. What will happen to your return on investment if a factory schedule is delayed for four months? D. What will employment levels be in five years? 1
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(Q6) Which of the following is a DSS (decision support system) characteristic? DSS A. rely on existing corporate data and data flow. B. are relatively inflexible. C. help managers make decisions that are unique, and not easily specified in advance. D. have little analytical capability. (Q7) An EIS (executive information system) provides information that is: A. specific and detailed. B. organized by individual data (e.g. by employee or by location). C. structured and summarized. D. fluid, graphical, and easily restructured by the executive. (Q8) CRM (customer relationship management) helps the organization: A. acquire and retain customers using resources across the organization. B. use customers as immediate profit sources. C. use customers as short-term partners. D. examine customer businesses as sources for future employees. (Q9) Procedures are an important component of computer-based information systems. In this context, procedures are: A. written, formal procedures telling employees what to do during their time at the company. B. the instructions used by computer programs to execute programs and create the desired
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Practice_Midterm_No1 - AK/ADMS 2511 Management Information...

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