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1 AK/ADMS 2511 - Management Information Systems – Practice Midterm Examination # 1 – Covering Sessions 1 to 5 Question 1 (10 marks ) Greenville Hospital is a modern facility that prides itself on having accurate patient information and well integrated accounting systems. They are always looking for new ways to use computer systems so that their medical staff can spend more time with patients. Required: For each of the following information system types provide a definition and an example system, explaining how the example system could be used by Greenville Hospital. TPS – Transaction Processing System OAS – Office Automation System (also known as Office System) MIS – Management Information System DSS – Decision Support System SIS – Strategic Information System Question 2 (6 marks) Alcoa is a manufacturer of aluminum products. It reduced inventories by a quarter of a billion dollars in one year, while increasing sales by just under $1 billion. Alcoa did all of this because they implemented new e-business systems. Managing in real time – making decisions now, on the basis of accurate, live
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Practice_Midterm_v1_p - AK/ADMS 2511 - Management...

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