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mid-0008 - AK/ADMS 25 I I Midterm Examination — — Page...

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Unformatted text preview: AK/ADMS 25 I I Midterm Examination — October 17, 2008 — Page 9 Student Number: Name: Question 2 (continued) “flaw...” C) Identify and describe the three primary segments of Radical’s supply chain. Briefly explain Radical’s role in each segment you have identified. (3 marks); Radical’s role M re o’Hé‘trihgfié, services “150 {flair a: TVWK Jew: inter-fféfl/zm . ’sfi WZWMMW t 1 Chain Segment Mao/r ‘ in W4” 3 (. Myuea from w» saijQ/ré bbi/- mas/:5; dadmtn s ’ i‘zflflw) gmfltawmgr , WW froolozs :9 mm Wis/e; GM?! QW‘ +r7 awmcb new 4519;, ...
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