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mid-0009 - AK/ADMS 2511 Midterm Examination — October 1 7...

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Unformatted text preview: AK/ADMS 2511 Midterm Examination — October 1 7, 2008 — Page 10 Student Number: Name: Question 3 (6 marks - 18 minutes) Banking is about customer relations. The better a bank is in reaching out to customers the more likely that bank will retain customers and get new ones. Royal Bank of Canada is trying to choose a new database management system that would allow them to better understand its banking custbifimmickly when a customer’s banking habits and needs change (QQQWH has to have mmormation about the customer and from that information being able to do more advanced analyses on that data to better serve the customer. The goal of the new database management system should focus on geriew RBC IS trying to integrate the new database managemeanystem into the banksexisting h1erarchical database environment and make it the central repository for the bank’s 18 @116an customer accounts and data. The bank is looking for a database management system that is very expandable in terms of the volumes of information it can handle and as RBC is a fairly large organization, they want to be able to process large amounts of information and to build on that as demands on the system increased over time.They also want to be able to perform ad-hoc queries to the database, for example, they would like to find a customer by searching their last name and address, or by searching their account number, or by their social insurance number. (Modified from Tom Venetis, ComputerWorld Canada (21 Jan 2005) A) According to the information provided above What type of database management system would be appropriate forsB-W needs? Justify your answer. (4 marks) p £12ng R L j - - a . , ' ' i own 174g {LEW/b WNg «Wanna i! . W Whit/i wit nan Va/bbtofc .5 ml WMMQLi arm-Wen M ‘iZ/Q 015m?! W/wy/ ~ wwwm - ~ mow r” Dara Minn/1‘11? also CWMaa ~17 wt“ +44 WW tam/c vflhifih (1%;qu §é realm/19,211 @ é (1L9)? I % [PIYJWTM Cit/QLVMQ/ fray,” W (.7 {120/th Zm‘I/f saw ...
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