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mid-0011 - AK/ADMS 2511 Midterm Examination — — Page 12...

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Unformatted text preview: AK/ADMS 2511 Midterm Examination — October 17, 2008 — Page 12 Student Number: Name: Question 4 (7 marks — 21 minutes) St. Lawrence Seaway is the world’s longest inland waterway. The St Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC) controls the sea locks and handles all recreational boating and commercial shipping traffic carrying all types of cargo (wheat, coal, iron, auto parts, oil, hazardous materials and garbage) for all of the Great Lakes. Some 3,800 — 4,000 commercial ships use the Seaway every year. The 445 unionized employees of SLSMC may be walking out on”[email protected] early as October 10th, 2008; this will stopflih/ipping traffic in the seaway. SLSMC have given the workers everything they have asked for: job guarantees, no layoffs, hiring of employees to replacement workers, and their requested wage increases. In line with its corporate statement “Ahead of the Curve and positioning ourselves for the future”, SLSMC will be installing “staterof the—part” computers systems, and software using robots. The new computer systems will'keep the V‘éésemmg with a detailed list chBat is on board the ship, and keeping tracking of its movement thought the Great Lakes. The robot systems will enable robots to tie the ships while in the locks, line them up, monitor their travels and for auto piloting the ships through the locking system for the voyage in the seaway. (“St Lawrence Seaway workers going on strike”. Financial Post Oct. 2, 2008) A) St Lawrence Seaway is using Robots which is a type of artificial intelligence. Define what artificial intelligence is. (1 mark) 3;,» arflmtfi mail/flaw; t; Aét JaéCI/inolfm We . [oz/1% 41mg. Wags 62% bur/win ”:4 martyr-ate; . tin-WL‘ .4 94” i at CQ ...
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