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mid-0003 - Student Number n 1(continued 6 éQlZifiThe type...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Number: ' n 1 (continued) 6 éQlZifiThe type of digital data-transmission technology that creates a virtual connection for packet transmissions which will disappear on the completion of a successful transmission is called? <11?) Integrated services digital network B. Synchronous optical network C. Asynchronous transfer mode D. T—carrier system (Q13) A key disadvantage of using magnetic tape for storing data is that when accessing the data: A. Random access slows it down B. Magnetic tape is not durable Information can only be read not written D It is accessed sequentially (Q14) American Express analyzes data from hundreds of billions of credit card purchases to create “one-to-one” marketing campaigns such as personalized messages to promote goods and services in which customers have shown interest. This is a good example of ' A. Data warehouse B. Data mart C. Online analytical processing (OLAP) Q) Datamining (Q15) A(n) defines the format necessary to enter the data into a database. A. Data dictionary B. Data mart C. Relational database @ Entity (Q16) A(n) is a small data warehouse containing only a portion of the organization’ 3 data A. Data dictionary Data mart Micro-database D. Mini—relational database (Q17) Which of the following is a software application that provides a way of managing many different data sources as though they were all one large database? A. Data mart B. Relational database ® Virtual database D. Data warehouse ...
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