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mid-0011 - Student Number Question 2(Continued I The Board...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Number: Question 2 (Continued) I) The Board of Directors of RTAL agreed that setting up a DBMS for client and candidate records is the way to go. They would like to know What data analysis 7 0015 are a‘Vailable to them once a DBMS is set up. You suggest data mining. Define data mining and provide two examples of how RTAL can use data/mining to improve its operational efficiencies. (3 marks) Jan W714 .- TS O dam: I st'tmlfib .,a' :7; ald- pleihes A roll at? . " 22112121 g fab g @1thng also can WKAUHICHWV] reads and use WW— pex ,, am M ow tear \ Mg m; (Mm level 01; flamed abmwmozd at w Intomonm eége team ...
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