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fin-0005 - AK/HDA/IS 25 Final Examination ~ Answer Key Page...

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Unformatted text preview: AK/HDA/IS 25] - Final Examination ~ Answer Key - Page 5 Computers at well site that function as control units and network servers - Aco yr, t *e offices, ea office, to co ec an process ata received from well. W/ Site contro u N'T—w/ . - Vwrreless transm us (at well Sites and field offices) wireless receiving stations (at well Sites _and field office—STE wireless receiving devices for operators (e. g. cell phone a er PDA or laptop) wireless network interface card in aptopsj CPU's at field offices i A deviges M _ J — computing or processing power to interpret data received (No marks for keyboards, screens, ‘ 1 iv » at would be attached to computing devices, only one mark for computing power) - communications devices to receive and transmit the information (eg. microwave or radio towers or receivmg an transmitting communications rom sensors to station, from station to rangers) OR satellite - sensors with wireless transmitters (”or motes”, pg 225) could be used to collect and transmit data from well site equipmen . or pipe ine to the well site control unit - sensor/transmitter will re ui ossibl battery) - NOT - printers, monitors, storage devices, because these are not required to set up a network B) Select two of the following types of wireless transmission media that could be used by BGOC to communicate with the well sites control units. For each media type that you select, describe two characteristics that make it suitable for the BGOC network, as well as one disadvantage that BGOC (or its service provider) will need to deal within working with this media, (6 marks) .(g MicrqwaYsfi red (one mark for each appropriate benefit/characteristic, one mark per disadvantage; ch. 77 p. 208- , 7. l ) if lnfrareE' not acceptable, since only for short distances — no marks awarded for this choice , W Satellite (best choice) Benefits — high bandwidth — can carry lots of information at high speed - arge coverage area — ote Disadvant 7 - nsive - but may be provided by ISP for remote areas . - needs structed line of sight (upward to sate rte rom well site) - less problem than . . . m land based media (Le. microwave and radio) - si nals experience propagation delay — not good for real-time control monito ‘ng ...
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