Capacity Planning in the Face of Product-Mix Uncertainty

Capacity planning in the face of product mix

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Unformatted text preview: Capacity Planning in the Face of Product-Mix Uncertainty Robert Kotcher Headway Technologies, Inc. Milpitas, CA, U.S.A. This paper describes a straightforward method of quantifying the sensitivity of production capacity to product mix. In capacity planning over horizons with unpredictable product mix, this methodology quantifies the risk of underinvestment in capacity. Actions that can be taken to prevent mix-driven capacity shortfalls are described. The implementation of this methodology at Headway Technologies is also presented. INTRODUCTION In capacity planning for wafer fabrication facilities, the need for additional production equipment must be identified and the equipment ordered far in advance of its actual use. If product mix is highly predictable, or if all products use each piece of production equipment equally, an overall production forecast is all that is needed to determine equipment requirements. But when a wafer of one product loads a tool to a greater degree than does a wafer of another product, any deviation from the expected product mix could leave the facility with insufficient capacity, even if total production volume is right on forecast....
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