Capacity Planning in the Face of Product-Mix Uncertainty

In the high technology world of read write heads this

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Unformatted text preview: ethod answers the question “What capital equipment is likely to constrain the factory if actual product mix varies from forecast?” In the high-technology world of read-write heads, this method helps Headway to maximize, relative to cost, the probability of having adequate capacity for future demand. REFERENCES [1] J.W. Fowler and J.K. Robinson, 1995, “Measurement and Improvement of Manufacturing Capacity (MIMAC) Designed Experiment Report,” SEMATECH Technology Transfer #95062860A-TR. [2] F. Chance. Factory Explorer® Version 2.6 User Manual. [3] N. S. Grewal, A. C. Bruska, T. M. Wulf, and J. K. Robinson, 1998. “Integrating Targeted Cycle-Time Reduction Into the Capital Planning Process,” In Proceedings of the 1998 Winter Simulation Conference, ed. D. J. Medeiros, E. F. Watson, J. S. Carson, and M. S. Manivannan, 1005-1010. [4] E. Neacy, S. Brown, M. McDavid, J. Robinson, S. Srodes, T. Stanley, 1993, “Cost Analysis for a Multiple Product/Multiple Process Factory: Application of SE...
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