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Capacity Planning in the Face of Product-Mix Uncertainty

Method for quantifying the sensitivity of production

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Unformatted text preview: Factory Explorer® software. METHOD FOR QUANTIFYING THE SENSITIVITY OF PRODUCTION CAPACITY TO PRODUCT MIX It should be noted that the following technique works only in situations in which the tools do not have setups (a setup is a routine reconfiguration required to enable a tool to perform different classes of operations) or unit-based downtimes. This paper’s methodology remains valid in either situation, but setups and unit-based downtimes cause the relationship between wafers processed and tool capacity loading to become non-linear. In such situations, multiple model runs could be used to zero in on the answers. That more complicated technique we leave to another paper, though the groundwork is laid here. Step 1. Determining Tool Sensitivity to Product Mix Headway starts its product-mix sensitivity analysis by putting into its model all the production equipment that it plans to have in place one year in the future. This equipment is optimum for the company’s forecast product mix, but Headway needs to see what tools it would require to accommo...
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