HIS notes part 2 - industries, sense of economic optimism...

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October 12, 2009 World War I and the End of Progressivism I. “The Great War” a. Progressive cause i. Wilson uses campaign to go for trade, says how he kept them out of the war for so long ii. Similarity between Wilson’s Congress message and Bush’s inaugural message iii. Pershing’s crusaders: religious overtones, “liberty cabbage”, curtailing freedom of speech b. Repressive reaction i. People fear that government control of industry will continue, Wilson says no but will continue repression of those acting out against ii. Red Scare: iii. Wilson’s plan for peace: League of Nations iv. 1919-20: Wilson has stroke, war has created fissures in progressive movement, promotion of democracy yet restrictions on liberty II. A return to “normalcy”? a. Laissez-faire economics i. Early 20s: rise in productivity, car industry leads to thriving other
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Unformatted text preview: industries, sense of economic optimism makes U.S. more willing to fuse business (Republicans), labor unions decline b. Nativism i. Resurgence of nativism: old stock Americans need to be protected from new incoming immigrants, they feel threatened ii. KKK comes back into play: nationwide; targets Catholics, Jews, immigrants garbage can not a melting pot iii. Look into what is coming next for government Terms: Safe for democracy Espionage Act (1917): punishment for anything against war, false statements that might impede military; Sedition act: speaking out against U.S. (Eugene Debs) Palmer raids: Palmer claimed there were going to be communist uprisings, never happened so damaged his rep, brought up fear for extremist acts Treaty of Versailles National Origins Act...
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HIS notes part 2 - industries, sense of economic optimism...

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