HIS part III notes

HIS part III notes - November 9 2009 Containing Communism I...

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Unformatted text preview: November 9, 2009 Containing Communism I. The origins of an idea I I. Implementing the policy a. Truman Doctrine b. Marshall Plan c. NATO I I I. Case studies a. Berlin, 1948 b. China, 1949 “Iron curtain” American policy to support any groups resisting Communism Economic recovery program (The Marshall Plan): 13 billion dollars to support recovery Europe; still rationing Germany is divided into zones by end of war, division of Berlin; French, British, American begin to coordinate together more, share currency; Soviets do not take part, become more defensive and cut off access to Western zones of Berlin by imposing a blockade (French-American-British bond becomes stronger) Asia (1949): Communist takeover of China Chinese civil war: Nationalists vs communists, WWII somewhat overshadows this but at the end of the war these divisions come back out; Communist takeover then Americans recognize island in south east as “true government” Paul Nitze: took over job; what should we do now to deal with communist opposition; NSC 68: military shield under which they can develop, US will implement rapid buildup of military spending; Soviets are more powerful because their military...
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HIS part III notes - November 9 2009 Containing Communism I...

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