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Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 3 1. Discuss and illustrate ways in which schools promote inequalities of race, class, and gender. What is meant by the " gendered nature of the hidden curriculum"? In what ways do the selection and content of curriculum affect a student's ability to participate actively in education? There are many ways in which schools tend to promote inequality. Many studies have been conducted on the lack of inclusion of minorities and women in the curriculum most commonly taught in schools. The “gendered nature of the hidden curriculum” refers to the way that many school practices are discriminatory in the way they represent women. They exploit stereotypes of women only being good in the household and lacking the ability to maintain the same quality jobs as men. Teaching materials tend to portray boys as active and clever, while girls are emotional and dependent. Other forms of bias exist in curriculum as well, including those against minorities. One example was given of a black female who claimed that in all her years of schooling, she never studied anything representative of herself. Curriculum deficits such as these greatly affect a student’s ability to actively participate in their education. 2. How are sexism and racism manifested in the health care system in the United States today? Racism is very prevalent in the health care system, both for patients and physicians. Studies have shown a notable amount of discriminatory practices that still remain after the desegregation of hospitals in the 1960s. Black Americans on welfare generally receive less satisfactory care, and are often immediately perceived as
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SOC essay 3 - Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 3 1....

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