SOC essays 2 - Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 2 1....

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Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 2 1. Discuss the effects of race on the life chances of an individual in the areas of housing and employment. Be thorough and analytical. Back up your statements with specific data. It is a common belief among many today that the stereotypes and separation between whites and minorities has mostly disappeared. And while this may be somewhat true, there are still many underlying problems that prevent complete integration and equality in all aspects of daily life. There is an overarching idea that because whites think equality has been reached, efforts cease to continue improving the lack of opportunity African Americans and other minorities still face. Whites still prescribe to some stereotypes about African Americans as well, such as their lack of motivation to work and preference for welfare, which is obviously false. Another dilemma is that involving word-of-mouth recruiting. Word-of-mouth is the most common form of recruiting and due to the white majority in the work force, less minorities are reached for this recruiting. This limits chances for employment and maintains the white majority. “The glass ceiling” also presents a problem by preventing promotions for minorities. While there are formal procedures for promotions, most of it is based on personal preferences of the already high-ranking workers who are usually white. This also perpetuates the white majority. Minorities also face discrimination in the housing department. Much of this discrimination has to do with real estate agents exploiting irrational fears of white homeowners of having a black or Latino family in their neighborhood. One survey
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SOC essays 2 - Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 2 1....

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