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Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 4 1. From a historical perspective, describe (1) methods that employees have used to control their workers and (2) how workers have struggled to control their work and work environment. Unsatisfied workers have been trying to improve their working conditions and overall lifestyles for centuries. Despite the many movements and progress that has been made, the dissatisfaction remains. They often feel out of control, as if there is no way to get out of their current situation, either by improving their present job or by getting a new one. They feel overpowered by their employers and that their rights are underrepresented in the community. Some opportunities are becoming available with white-collar work and the newer developments in technology but that is not an option for everyone. In the past, strikes have been sufficient in some wage and condition changes but the struggle is ongoing. Employers have used many methods to suppress these efforts in the workplace. The scientific-management approach includes job specialization and standardization of tools and procedures to increase production. This has still proven to be boring for most blue-collar workers. The team concept speeds up production lines and cutting numbers of
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SOC essays 4 - Rachel Waguespack rmw766 Assignment 4 1....

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