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Exam review sheet - Forecasting Information included: Forecasting chapter in your text Forecasting Notes Parts: 1 (N-Period MA, time series components, etc.), 2 (SES & Error measures – control charts will not be on this exam ), 3 (ES with Trend), 5 (Regression) The forecasting articles from the Harvard Business Review which are accessible on-line through Ebscohost – make sure you have personally read at least 1-2 of these articles 1) Rocket Science Retailing is Almost Here: Are you Ready? Harvard Business Review July/Aug 2000 by Fisher et al. 2) The Power of virtual integration: an interview with Dell computer's Michael Dell. Harvard Business Review March/April 1998 by Magretta 3) Mass Customization at Hewlett-Packard: The Power of Postponement. Harvard Business Review Jan-Feb 1997 p. 116-121 4) Making Supply Meet Demand in an Uncertain World. Harvard Business Review May-June 1994 p. 83-93 5) Redefining Demand Visibility see BB for pdf Exam Format: multiple choice questions –individual exam, group exam
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